5 Reasons To Rent An Office If You Work From Home

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Working from home gives you some freedom ā€” no more commuting and plenty of time during the day to attend to personal matters if they arise. There are also some drawbacks when it comes to working from home. Renting a private office outside of the home may provide the best solution if you don't have a company office to escape to.

1. You Can Shut the Door

Having your main work office in your home can lead to bad habits, such as not leaving work at the end of the day. Many people find themselves popping into the office to answer emails or make a phone call even once the workday should be over. Moving the bulk of your operations out of the home can help you shut the door on work at the end of your days so you can spend time with your family without distraction.

2. More Welcoming to Clients

If your business requires that you meet with clients or other staff upon occasion, an office can provide you with a welcoming space that is more professional than your home and quieter than the average coffee shop. If you previously handled client meetings by scheduling them at cafes and restaurants, you may also find it easier to navigate meetings in an actual office because you have your computer and all your hard files easily at hand to consult throughout the meeting.

3. Better Life Balance

Your home life can really interfere with work. If you have kids and pets underfoot or another spouse working out of the house, it may be hard to concentrate on work. Plus, for some, it can be easy to become distracted by tasks that need to be done around the house to the detriment of work. Having an office you can escape to solves these problems.

ā€‹4. Permanence of Space

Not everyone is lucky enough to have dedicated office space at home. If you are one of the many that must clear off a corner of a kitchen table or store work files under a bed, it can be a pain just setting things up to get work done. With a rented office, you have a space that is ready to work when you are.

5. Controlled Commute

A rented office can provide a happy medium between the convenience of no commute and the rigors of a long commute to the main office. You can rent an office nearby, such as within walking or biking distance, so you can avoid long commutes and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated workplace.

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