Lesser Known Situations That Call For Flowers

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Sending flowers is a common way to wish someone a happy birthday, observe an important event, such as a wedding anniversary, or to mark a special day such as Mother's Day. Ordering flowers is also part and parcel to having a wedding, throwing a baby shower or holding a funeral. Don't limit your visits to a florist to these types of occasions. Plan to brighten someone's day for the smallest of reasons, or perhaps, for no reason at all.

Lesser Celebrated Events

Order a brightly colored bouquet and have it delivered to a loved one who just moved into a new home. A new job is another reason to send flowers to a loved one. The news that a friend or family member has beat cancer or recovered from another serious illness is another event worthy of flowers. Acceptance into college, passing a big exam or paying off a looming debt are other reasons flowers make life more joyful.

Little Known Holidays

The administrative staff at your office or at your child's school are the backbone of the organization they work for, and they have an entire day dedicated to them in late April. Surprise the administrative professional in your life with a beautiful arrangement of blooms. Show your child's teacher you care with a vase of blooms in May when Teacher Appreciation Week takes place. A bouquet that includes small palm branches is appropriate for Palm Sunday and a bouquet that includes red, white and blue flowers will make Flag Day, which is celebrated on June 14, a bit more special.

Other Reasons

When you're invited to someone's home for a celebration or meal, show your appreciation to the host by bringing flowers. Thank a client for their business by sending flowers or drop off an arrangement at a nursing home or hospital. Welcome a guest staying in your home with a vase of blooms on the bedside table. When a friend receives bad news or when a loved one is hospitalized, flowers remind them that you care.

Just Because

The sight and smell of flowers is a sure-fire way to brighten someone's day, but you don't need a specific reason to give them to a special person in your life. Send a flower arrangement to your best friend, a brother or sister or a family member you've been thinking about. Leave a flower arrangement on a neighbor's porch. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers to add some color to your work space or home.