Preventing Expensive Appliance Repair: Two Assurance Policies You Can Buy With Your Appliances That Will Help

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As a consumer, you want the best appliances money can buy because it means that they are high performance and energy efficient. However, some appliances break down easily, regardless of the amount of money you paid for them. When you purchase your appliances, the salesperson may offer you some "add-ons" before the finalization of the sale. Even though you may view them as a markup on the total purchase price, the fact remains is that you could be losing money by refusing to purchase these extras. Take a moment to consider how the temporary financial inconvenience of these extras can actually save you hundreds of dollars later on.

The Extended Warranty

Most appliances come with a warranty for one year, two if you are lucky. The standard warranty covers your appliances against manufacturer defects and some repair costs. Once it expires, you are completely on your own and have to pay out-of-pocket for anything that goes wrong with your appliances. An extended warranty pushes the expiration date out as much as five years, sometimes more, if you are willing to pay almost fifty to one hundred percent of the cost of your appliances on the extended warranty alone. While this seems like a crushing and painful way to ensure that you will never have to pay for repairs or complete replacement of your machines, just consider how much it would cost to fix some of the major components. 

The Maintenance, Parts and Repairs Protection Agreements

For many consumers, this may seem like a redundancy, especially if you did buy the extended warranty. The truth is, the protection agreement covers everything your warranty does not, such as normal wear and tear, rust, major parts replacement not due to manufacturers' defects, etc. Some consumers choose to skip the warranty and just purchase the protection agreement because A) it costs less than the extended warranty, and B) it covers a lot of other things that may go wrong with the appliances.

The Result of Choosing Not to Buy Either

If you choose not to buy either the extended warranty or the protection agreement, you are taking a calculated risk that your appliances will not need any repairs or replacement in the next ten years. It is not a risk that will work to your advantage, since many appliances are not built to last that long without maintenance or repairs. Both of these add-on service products extend the life and functionality of your machines. Otherwise, you could be in for some costly repairs in the first three years and/or total replacement in the next three to five years. A company like Sutton & Son Appliances can provide further information about the importance of regular maintenance and advice about how to keep your appliances in good shape.