Basics Of Boarding For Four High-Maintenance Breeds

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When you go out of town, leaving your dog behind can be stressful. If you find a good boarding facility, you need not worry while you are away; however, certain dog breeds have special needs. If your pet has a characteristic or quality that warrants some extra attention, you need to find a kennel that can meet these needs. Here are four breeds in particular that need a little extra attention.

Border Collie

The Border Collie consistently ranks at the top of "smartest dog breeds" lists. These dogs are extremely trainable, but also have a workaholic attitude. They have a relentless need for structure, for activities, and for exercise. This makes the border collie a prime candidate for activities like herding and agility--they are working dogs, after all--but without an outlet, this pent-up energy means frustration for both owner and dog.

If you need to board your Border Collie, find a kennel that either has a lot of room for your pet to run and play, or one that has staff members that will provide ample attention and exercise each day. Otherwise, when you pick up your Border Collie, you will likely have a neurotic and frustrated friend.

Doberman Pinscher

Another breed that frequently appears in smartest dog lists, the Doberman Pinscher, is an intelligent, loyal, and confident animal. If you own a Doberman, you are full aware of your pet's "Velcro dog" personality and strong desire to serve you and be near you.

Your Doberman's energy, coupled with your pet's strong attachment to you, complicates boarding. Like a Border Collie, your Doberman needs plenty of exercise in your absence. Do not be alarmed if the kennel staff tells you that your beloved pet was sullen or depressed during the stay; Dobermans are so attached to their people, and as smart as they are, they do not understand why their owners are not around.


Chihuahuas are extremely loyal little dogs that develop strong bonds with their owners. A Chihuahua does not always welcome other people or pets easily, so if you are boarding your Chihuahua, your pet may be an unhappy camper.

Chihuahuas often act aggressively or shyly with strangers, so if at all possible, introduce your dog to kennel staff before you plan to board. This will take some of the stress out of the boarding process because your Chihuahua will be less likely to bite out of aggression or fear. Strangely enough, Chihuahuas gravitate to other Chihuahuas and will often flock together and ignore other breeds; try to find a boarding facility that has other Chihuahuas booked during your pet's stay. For additional security, leave a sweater with your scent for your pet to cuddle with.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a much-loved breed; its popularity has unfortunately contributed to significant congenital health problems within the bloodline. English Bulldogs are predisposed to to a plethora of medical conditions, including breathing problems, skin conditions, heart issues, and more.

If your Bulldog has a medical condition, alert kennel staff and leave your veterinarian's phone number for emergencies. If your dog has been already diagnosed with a condition, leave any medications and dosage instructions with the staff members, and also leave a few extra doses in case you are delayed.