Choosing A Funeral Home To Meet Your Family's Needs

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When pre-planning a funeral, you'll want to work with a funeral home that you trust will take care of your family when you have passed on. If you have a number of funeral homes from which to choose in your area, take time to visit each one and meet the directors and some of the employees. Besides understanding the services that each one offers, you want to be comfortable with the staff. Here are a few questions you'll want to get answered for yourself when deciding on the right funeral home with which to work.

How much of the coordination is done by the director versus being delegated to other staff?

When it comes time to execute your plan, does the director take the lead or is it given to other staff? Find out who will be responsible for making sure that all of your wishes are addressed and make sure you're comfortable with that approach. The funeral home may well have senior staff who are as capable as the director. You want to know that your family will be in good hands after you pass on.

How is communication with the family handled by the funeral home?

Is the person in charge of your funeral plan the contact point for the family? This will be a stressful time for your family and knowing that they will be talking with one person can be comforting. In a busy funeral home, several people may be in charge of talking with your family about different matters. If that is the case, ask if you can have one person designated as a contact to which your family can address any questions or concerns.

How much of the funeral's administrative work is done for your family?

Does the funeral home take care of such matters as getting copies of the death certificate and coordinating with the crematorium? The more a funeral home does for your family, the more attention your family can give to processing their own grief.

What grief support does the funeral home offer your family?

Some funeral homes have active grief support groups within their facility. They may have grief counselors that can work one-on-one with your family. Other facilities may direct your family to a number of local community resources. Which scenario is best for your family depends on how much help you feel your family will need working through their grief.

What additional services does the funeral home have to help your family?

Some funeral homes offer extra services to help your family get through this difficult time. They may assist your family with filing for veteran's insurance claims, social security benefits or private insurance claims.

Every funeral home has the goal of giving your family the support they need. Each facility offers a number of services and has their own approach to addressing your plan. Become familiar with the funeral homes in your area, such as Ridley Funeral Home, and choose the one that has the right mixture of support and services that your family will need when you are gone.