Keep Your Home Safe With Fire Extinguisher Balls

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Any type of fire in your home can be a scary experience. Unless there is someone around that can remain calm and get to a fire extinguisher, things can get out of hand quickly. A good way to make sure that a small, accidental fire does not grow to something that destroys a whole room or even the house is to have fire extinguisher balls installed in the areas most likely to start a fire. Not only are they easier to use than a fire extinguisher, they will also activate automatically when touched by flames for a few seconds. Here is some information about the use and placement of fire extinguisher balls.

Ease of Use

While most fire extinguishers are easy to use, they can be too heavy to hold and aim. Fire extinguisher balls are lightweight, weighing under four pounds each. All you have to do is roll the ball into the base of the fire. You do not have to worry about getting close to the flames to reach the base as long as you can roll the ball hard enough.

Automatic Activation

If no one is around, and there is a fire, a trigger strip in the case of the ball will sense the flames, causing the ball to burst open, dispersing the chemicals. In addition to releasing the chemicals, fire extinguishers balls have some type of warning alarm that goes off when the casing bursts. This alerts you to the fact there is a fire somewhere in the house so you can get out and call the fire department.


Placing the balls just above places where a fire is most likely to occur will prevent most home fires. Have them installed above the stove, next to the furnace, beside a fireplace, and near the fuse box or circuit breaker. It is also a good idea to have them anywhere you store flammable chemicals, or where you use many electrical appliances. Because the balls are smaller than a fire extinguisher, you can have one placed in each room of the house without creating much of a disturbance to the décor.

Fire extinguisher balls are a good addition to any other fire suppressant system you may have. They can be used or be triggered before the flames are high or hot enough to trigger a sprinkler system. Have a few installed in the more fire-prone areas of the house, and keep a couple in a handy location for times when a fire breaks out in other areas. Stopping a fire before it has the chance to spread will save your home, possessions and quite possibly avoid injuries. Consult with a local company, such as Total Fire Protection Services, for more ideas on protecting your home and family.