3 Types Of Mobile Business Signs

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Coming up with creative ways to market your business can be tough. One of the most difficult things new businesses deal with is paying for various marketing campaigns. If you have a local business and a limited budget for marketing, you may benefit from purchasing a mobile sign for the front of your building. There are 3 types of signs you can choose from that will give you options when it comes to functionality.

Interchangeable Letter Signs with a Plexiglass Backing

Many sign companies will rent interchangeable letter signs. They aren't necessarily the most attractive signs, but they make changing what your sign says easy. Many of these signs are built on a small trailer on wheels that can be quickly moved from one side of your business to the next, or you can place the sign somewhere in your parking lot. If you own a restaurant and need to often change prices on various meals, then having a sign where you can change prices and advertise deals regularly is a plus. Renting an interchangeable letter sign at first is a good idea to see how effective it is before you buy.

Custom Ad Signs with Exchangeable, Color Ads

Many business owners like having a sign stand that will hold a banner or custom ad that can be changed out periodically. Having custom signs that are made of plastic or paper and are colorful and bright standout. Although it may be a little more expensive to have ongoing custom ads created, most sign companies will give you a discount if you have a contract for signs being made throughout the year. Sign stands that allow for the sign ad to be exchanged out and for easy movement with the actual stand offer business owners a lot of flexibility in how they advertise. You can get a stand that works well both inside and out.

Digital Ads Are More Expensive but Very Effective

Buying a digital sign is the most expensive option. Most digital signs that are built for windows can be moved around a store to any place with a nearby outlet. There are mobile digital signs for outside as well, and the lights of the sign are particularly effective when you want to advertise at night. Among the best elements of mobile digital signs is that they can be changed from a digital panel or a remote control. If the weather is bad, you can stay inside and change your sign message without going outside.

When it comes to signs and marketing, it's nice to have signs that are flexible in their uses and allow you to change the message. Buying a permanent sign may draw some customers, but people respond more to ads that are regularly changing. It gives them something to look forward to when they are passing by your business. Visit the website of a professional sign business, like http://www.mobilesignrental.ca, to browse your sign options.