The Health Benefits Of Propane Grilling

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With propane gas prices said to be at an all time low in 2015 (since 2009), it is indeed a great time for propane grill enthusiasts to start a fire. Wholesale propane gas prices in such places as Ontario were said to be at about 56 cents per gallon in mid-May with an estimated cost reduction to about 3 cents the closer you got to Edmonton. However, while the prices, driven by a glut in the market and overproduction, were sweet on the pocket, propane grilling might also come with some advantages for health as well.

So if you spent your spring and summer days basking in the seared smells and sounds of his and crackle from your barbecue grill, here are some health advantages you may not have known you were getting from your propane grill.

It's all in the heat

Grilling was always thought to be one of the healthy ways of cooking due its reduced dependence on oil. However, did you know that the higher heat from cooking meat whether from grilling, frying or broiling can actually introduce carcinogens such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and heterocyclic amines (HCA)? Well the good news about your propane grill is that, while the heat can reach levels of about 3,500 F, the level of ambient heat that is generated is far less than that which naturally comes from other heat sources such as charcoal and is therefore less destructive to the meat your mouth was watering to eat.

The temperature on propane grill is also much easier to control which can help you to find that sweet spot between getting your meat well prepared without spending too much time in the cooking process, both needed to reduce the development of these carcinogens. Additionally, it is also easier to avoid charring of meat while cooking with propane, and charring, more than anything, is thought to increase these harmful chemicals.

It is smoking

Propane grills allow for the aromatic smell of a grilled piece of meat or vegetable without the additional pollutants that came with burning wood or charcoal. The levels of pollutants from the soot and other chemicals coming from the burning of charcoal in commercial grills have been estimated to be twice that of an 18-wheeler truck. While you're cooking for your family would not be anywhere near the level of that in a restaurant, your propane grill has certainly saved your personal environment from the introduction of these harmful pollutants that can affect those with respiratory tract problems.

Using your propane has been a good way of ensuring that you and your family are safe from these potential hazards throughout your spring and summer. 

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