About Choosing An Answering Service Over Your Own Call Center

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Do you run a business that gives customers the option of calling in to order products? If you are getting more calls than ever and intend on opening a call center on a budget, you may want to opt for investing in an answering service instead. Find out in this article what you should know about using an answering service over getting your own call center.

What Makes an Answering Service Ideal Over a Call Center?

If you were to move forward with getting your own call center, you would have to spend money on all of the necessary equipment. For instance, you would need specific types of phones that allow multiple extensions if your customer service representatives will have to transfer calls to different departments. You will also need desks for the customer service representatives, which can be expensive for a large call center. With an answering service working on your behalf, you won't have to spend anything on equipment or office furniture. The answering service representatives will be able to handle the calls from your customers at any hour of the day (depending on the specific answering service hired).

What Kind of Calls Can Be Handled by Answering Service Representatives?

Just like customer service representatives in your own call center can be trained to handle specific calls, so can the ones working for an answering service. If you are selling products that comes with perks (buy two get one free), the representatives in a call center can take your calls and encourage customers to buy more than one item to take advantage of the perk. On the other hand, the answering service representatives can handle calls from irate customers who have complaints about their orders. The representatives will attempt to keep the customers happy to protect the reputation of your business. All complaint phone calls can be forwarded to you personally if you desire them to be; or a message can be taken so you can call the irate customers when you are available.

Will Customers Know that They are Calling an Answering Service?

You don't have to worry about customers knowing that they are not actually calling your business directly. The customer service representatives at the answering service will answer calls as though they are your own call center employees. All calls will begin with the representatives thanking your customer for calling whatever the name of your business is. Invest in an answering service for your growing business to keep your budget for customer service representatives under control!

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