Three Elements Of A Successful Trade Show Booth Exhibit

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Participating in a trade show can help you improve customer relations, establish brand recognition, and most importantly, generate new business contacts. However, the keyword is can. Whether or not these benefits are true for your experience has a lot to do with your booth exhibit. A less than stellar booth will equal a less than stellar experience. Make sure you know what critical elements go into designing an effective and successful booth exhibit.

Ensure Easy Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility, think of your booth layout in the same manner that you would the product or services you deliver – the easier the better. Patrons should be able to access, navigate, and exit your booth with ease. Failure to consider this can be costly.

Consider an interactive booth that requires patrons to visit different stations within the booth exhibit, for example. During the design phase, the team failed to create separate entry and exit points. Consequently, there is a cluster of people fighting to get in and get out. For the average person, this isn't an appealing scene and may cause them to simply walk away.

Incorporate Unique Shapes

An effective booth is one that standouts from the pack. The average display setup is full of squares, rectangles and other straight angle designs. Make your booth stand out by incorporating unique shapes. A half-moon, triangle and circle are just some of the unique shapes to incorporate.

Consider an overhead banner, for example. Using an arch design instead of a traditional rectangle is more attractive and may be easier for someone across the show floor to spot. Remember, attraction is the first step to getting someone to visit your booth.

Utilize Technology

It's also a good idea to utilize technology around your booth. It's one thing to talk to patrons about your product or service, but technology affords you the opportunity to put your words into action, or on display. Take a smartphone application design company, for instance. Having tablets and smart devices on-site provides patrons the experience of a product display in a more hands-on, intimate, and unique way. In addition to making your booth more attractive, it also helps free up your staff since the technology can be used to answer questions and educate customers.

Working alongside a design agency can eliminate much of your concern. Design professionals have the expertise to not only take into account your industry, but also important aspects about the specific trade show and exhibit space that you will be setting up in to ensure the most successful design.

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