Sponsoring A Marathon: Swag Bag Ideas For Runners

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Sponsoring a marathon or other racing event can be a great way to boost your brand's visibility while also giving back to the community. Part of sponsoring the event might include providing runners with a gift or swag bags to thank them for participating. You can use this opportunity to have custom giveaways created with your company's name and logo on them, which provides a branding opportunity for your business. Here are some options to consider for marathon swag bags to promote your business.

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags offer a perfect way for runners to store their personal belongings before the race begins. Have these bags printed with your company information and choose several different colors to bring added interest to the event. Consider ordering extras to hand out to volunteers for the event as well. If you do pass out volunteer bags, they should be distinguished in some way from the runner bags to avoid confusion. Label bags for volunteers with something indicating that they are race-day staff. This can also make them easy to identify for your event security team.

Custom Water Bottles

Staying hydrated on race day is important. Putting water bottles inside the swag bags provides a convenient way to rehydrate after the race is over. Work with your marketing team to create a design for custom water bottle labels, which you can then have printed and affixed to your water bottles. The labels can have the name and date of the event as well as your company name and logo to help reinforce your brand as a sponsor.

Official Marathon Shirts

Official marathon shirts can be worn with pride during the race or any day after. The shirts help people show off the fact that they put in the work that it takes to run a marathon. Have your marketing company come up with a design for the shirts and be sure to include them in the swag bags. You may need to work with event coordinators to ensure there are a range of sizes available so that every runner gets a shirt that fits. Each shirt should have the name and logo of the race itself as well as a design that indicates you are a sponsor.

Energy Snacks

Energy bars, protein bars, and other energy snacks make great additions to your race-day swag bags. These snacks give runners a way to refuel after the race, and they provide an additional way to show your support of their efforts. You can partner with a local business that manufactures these types of snacks to create a special assortment for your swag bags, and you can have custom labels printed that feature both your company's name and the name of the manufacturer for the snacks. Be sure to take potential allergy concerns into account by avoiding snacks that have peanuts or other common allergens.

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