Are Sea Buckthorn Shrubs Right For Your Landscape?

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One of the most exciting parts of owning your own home is having the ability to create a lush and luxurious landscape. The types of plants, trees, and shrubs that you incorporate into your landscape design can have a significant effect on the overall appearance of your property.

Foliage selection can also influence the amount of maintenance that must be administered to maintain the health and beauty of a landscape. One shrub to consider incorporating into your yard is the Sea Buckthorn.


One of the characteristics that might draw you to the Sea Buckthorn shrub is the hardiness of this plant. A Sea Buckthorn can flourish in almost any type of climate.

These hardy shrubs are capable of withstanding drought conditions. They can also be planted in soil with a higher sodium concentration since they have a high saline tolerance. No matter what the soil conditions and weather might be like in your area, the Sea Buckthorn is a shrub that will likely thrive.


Another reason why you might want to consider incorporating Sea Buckthorn shrubs into your landscape is the overall health that these shrubs enjoy. The Sea Buckthorn has very few enemies in terms of pests or diseases.

A Sea Buckthorn shrub is sturdy enough to withstand diseases that can affect other shrub varieties. The only real problem that you might face with a Sea Buckthorn is the presence of Asian beetles. These pests can be removed from the shrub by hand, or you can utilize an organic pesticide to help ward off any beetles that might find their way into your yard.


The addition of Sea Buckthorn to your yard gives you access to a plant with versatile qualities. Not only will the shrub look great, but it will provide an unusual fruit that can be harvested to make pies or jam. The orange berries that are found on Sea Buckthorn shrubs can also be used in homemade lotions or added to your wine and liquor for a unique flavor.

Sea Buckthorn shrubs can also add some interest to your landscape with the flowers that they produce. You will need both a male and a female shrub for flowering to occur. When both sexes are present, the shrubs will display lovely yellow and brown blossoms that can enhance the design aesthetic of your yard.

If you are struggling to decide which plants to incorporate into your home's landscape, consider the benefits that Sea Buckthorn shrubs can offer.